Do Bengal Cats Scratch?

My Bengal cats have become part and parcel of my life in just a couple of weeks. I simply love them. So do my kids. However, one fear that I continuously have is, do Bengal cats scratch?

Simply put, I was dead worried about this question, and that is when I decided to find the answer to this question. I will today share with you not only the answer but also my experience with my Bengal cats.

Do Bengal cats scratch?

Yes, Bengal cats do scratch. Similar to various other cat species, they scratch for a variety of reasons. The problem is that if you do not control their scratching, they can easily destroy the furniture and linen. While all other traits of Bengal cats are pretty adorable, this one can drive you crazy.

The only way to control their scratching is to find out the cause for the same. That is what I did, as well. I will share with you the probable reasons why Bengal cats scratch. Once you diagnose the underlying cause, it will be easy for you to reduce their scratching.

Why do Bengal cats scratch?

There are a few reasons why your Bengal cat might scratch. These include:

1. Boredom:

Bengal cats and other cats scratch when they are bored. It is their natural behavior. If they are scratching out of boredom, they will do so frequently throughout the day. The best solution to avoid this behavior is to play with them. It will give them an alternative activity. Once they indulge in an alternative activity, they will automatically refrain from scratching.

2. To attract your attention:

Another reason why Bengal cats scratch is to attract the attention of their owners. If you’re busy with your work or pay attention to other pets, they will resort to scratching. The only solution to reduce scratching, in that case, is to spend more time with them. You need to also display your affection so that they feel valued. When that is the case, they will reduce scratching.

3. To flex their body:

Often, after waking up, Bengal cats scratch to flex their claws, body, and feet. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this scratching. The best way to tackle it is to provide your Bengal cat with a scratch-resistant bed. Even if you’re Bengal cat scratches after waking up, the furniture in the vicinity will remain unaffected. It is their body’s natural tendency to stretch, which causes them to scratch in the morning.

4. Territory marking:

Bengal cats are extremely territorial. They will try each and everything to mark their territory. Leaving a visual mark of their claws by scratching the area is one such technique. It also leaves their scent on the surface. If you have multiple pets or Bengal cats in your home, this behavior is pretty typical. It is what my Bengal cats were doing.

The solution to this type of scratching is to keep them apart. You have to provide them with their own spaces. The very first step is to provide them with their cat beds in different areas of your house. Once you do so, they will not feel threatened by anyone else. Consequently, their scratching will reduce as well.

These four are the most common reasons why Bengal cats scratch.

Using my guide above, you can identify why Bengal cats scratch and also opt for a solution. After all, you cannot afford your Bengal cat consistently scratching the furniture and the linen around. Once you diagnose the reason, using my guide above, you can follow the tips that I have highlighted. In a nutshell, scratching of Bengal cats is instinctive, but there are ways to reduce this behavior of your Bengal cat.

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