Do Bengal Cats Show Affection To Their Owners?

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In this article, we look at the following question (one that we have seen asked a number of times by prospective Bengal cat owners)

“Do Bengal cats show affection to their owners?”

Many prospective owners are concerned about the idea of bringing a cat into their home that isn’t particularly affectionate.

So what about Bengals?

Do Bengal Cats Show Affection To Their Owners Or Are They Aloof?

The good news is that Bengal cats tend to be very affectionate towards their owners.

Bengals aren’t just famed and prized for their stunning appearance and striking beauty – they are also popular due to being very friendly and affectionate cats.

Now there are a couple of important caveats here that we think need to be noted:

  1. Bengal cats do have a tendency to bond more strongly with one particular owner/family or household member. If you’re after a cat that shares his/her affection totally evenly, then you may wish to look elsewhere. You can read more about this in our guide to whether Bengal cats bond with only one person in the household.
  2. Cat behaviour (much like humans, dogs, or any other creature!) is ultimately a question of individuality. While Bengals in general show affection to their owners, there is no guarantee that your individual cat will do so. Therefore, it’s important that you are content with this possibility before purchasing a Bengal, as it is just not something that you can predict or guarantee beforehand. There is no way that any breeder can guarantee that a specific cat will have a specific personality. If this is claimed, then you are better to look elsewhere in our opinion.

Give Your Bengal Time To Adjust

One point we want to stress is that you need to give your Bengal cat time to adjust to being in your home.

Don’t be frustrated or disappointed if you bring your Bengal home and they are not immediately affectionate!

It could take days, weeks, possibly even months before your Bengal really starts to feel comfortable and “opens up” for you and your family.

Good things take time! This is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to make your Bengal as affectionate as possible. As Phil Collins once said, “you can’t hurry love”!

Conclusion – Do Bengal Cats Show Affection To Their Owners?

Yes, Bengal cats are generally affectionate towards their owners.

Although it’s impossible to guarantee anything, they are definitely an affectionate and friendly breed of cat in most cases.

Obviously there is always a “risk” that an individual cat is not particularly friendly, but based on what we have seen and read this is relatively small risk.

Therefore, if you are after an affectionate breed of cat, the Bengal could be a great idea for you and your family!

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