Do Bengal Cats Throw Up?

One of the grossest parts of cat ownership can be when your cat “brings up” his/her lunch (or dinner, or breakfast) and leaves you a nice little surprise on the carpet or floor.

Cats throw up for all sorts of reasons, often due to gastric irritation (this is quite often actually caused by your cat eating too much, or too quickly).

Cats also have a tendency to eat indigestible matter from time to time – such as grass – which can also cause them to throw up.

Cats can also ‘regurgitate’, which is slightly different. In regurgitation, the cat brings up undigested food/matter that was in the oesophagus.

However, do Bengal cats throw up?

Maybe you’re hoping that Bengal cats are a little less prone to throwing up, as you might wish to avoid a breed of cat that is prone to vomiting because you find it gross and undesirable.

Unfortunately, Bengal cats are – after all – cats … and therefore they do throw up.

From what we can gather, Bengals are no more or less likely to throw up after eating than many other breeds of cat. However, they certainly do throw up, and this is not something you can avoid.

One thing to bear in mind is that hairballs can be a common cause of vomiting in some cats. Bengal cats can get hairballs (we are actually in the process of writing an article on this topic at the moment) but Bengals don’t get hairballs too frequently. This means that your Bengal is less likely to throw up from hairballs, although it is still possible.

Long story short, do Bengal cats throw up? Yes, they do.

Most of the time there is no serious health reason for your Bengal throwing up. Chances are he or she has eaten too much, or eaten too fast, or has something irritating in his/her stomach. However, if your Bengal is throwing up lots (or you notice anything unusual like blood in the vomit) then you need to go to the vet.

The right food can also reduce the chances of your Bengal cat throwing up. Check out our guide here to the best food for Bengal cats for more information.

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  1. Bengal cats are inquisitive in nature. They like to explore, lick, and even eat things that ignite their curiosity. Ask yourself, did your cat eat something that it wasn’t supposed to? Just like humans, cats throw up when they eat things that don’t sit well with their stomachs.


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