Do Bengal Cats Use A Litter Box?

In this short article, we answer the question “do Bengal cats use a litter box”

If you’ve never owned a Bengals cat before, then you may well be wondering if they are frequent users of litter boxes – or if they are happy doing their business outside (but hopefully not anywhere else around your house).

Maybe you’ve heard from other owners that Bengals are fussy about toileting and having fresh litter in their litter box.

Just what exactly is the truth?

Let’s find out!

Bengal Cats Do Use Litter Boxes

Long story short, Bengal cats like to use litter boxes.

In fact, Bengal cats seem to be obsessed with using a litter box as opposed to doing their business anywhere else.

One of the most frequent bits of feedback we hear about Bengal cat ownership (and what we have experienced ourselves with out own Bengal cat, Kala) is that Bengals love to use a litter box.

What’s more, they expect clean, fresh litter “on demand”. Make sure you’ve read our guide here to the best litter for Bengal cats, so you can ensure you are providing your Bengal with litter that will keep them content and happy.

It seems to cause Bengals a great deal of distress (perhaps more so than “normal” cats) if they are unable to find clean litter.

Your Bengal may use a dirtied litter box under duress, but this can be quite distressing for him/her.

Therefore, if you are going to own a Bengal cat, it is critical that you provide a quality litter box and fresh litter on a regular basis.

Many Bengal owners report to us that they have to clean their cat’s litter box multiple times per day, otherwise their cats become distressed and can start vocalising excessively.

If you are going to be out of the house for long periods during the day, then you may even want to consider getting more than one litter box for your Bengal cat. You can read our guide here on whether or not your Bengal cat needs more than one litter box.

Basically, Bengal cats take their litter boxes very seriously! This is something you need to consider and “get right” if you want your Bengal cat to be as happy and healthy as possible.

Bengals Can Be Toilet Trained

One other thing to bear in mind is that it is possible to toilet train a Bengal cat. This might seem a bit strange to some, but others are intrigued by the idea of toilet training their cat.

Don’t believe us? See here for an example:

Read our guide to toilet training your Bengal cat for more information on how to do this. Of course toilet training a cat isn’t for everyone!

However, also don’t think that this can replace providing a quality litter box and fresh litter – in some respects, toilet training your Bengal is more of a novelty than anything else.


To conclude, Bengal cats do like to use litter boxes. In fact, Bengal cats can be rather fanatical about the condition and availability of their litter boxes and fresh litter.

If you’re going to bring a Bengal cat into your home, then make sure you are well set up to provision them with fresh litter and a quality litter box. Read our guide here to the best litter boxes for Bengal cats for more information.

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