How Can I Stop My Bengal Cat From Damaging My Furniture?

Does your Bengal cat have a tendency to be a little bit, well, destructive?

Don’t be alarmed – this is much more common than you think.

At Authentic Bengal Cats one of our goals is to answer your questions at Bengal cat ownership.

We know from our “tip line” (click here to see how you can contact us and submit your questions) that one of the most common question asked is “how can I stop my Bengal cat from damaging my furniture?”

After all, if you’ve got nice furniture in your home you want to keep it in good condition, and away from the prying eyes (and scratching claws) of your Bengal.

With that in mind, we thought we would share a few tips on how you can stop your Bengal cat from damaging your furniture.

Look At Repellent/Deterrent Sprays & Other Products

One of the easiest strategies to start with is to look at investing in some form of repellent or deterrent spray.

There are all kinds of different products you can buy that basically do the same thing – they discourage your cat from scratching.

For example, citrus scented sprays work because cats have a natural aversion to citrus smell.

You spray the product (or apply it) on the furniture in question and then it should help deter your Bengal from attacking said piece of furniture.

Our recommendation is the Pet MasterMind branded spray, which you can purchase for from here.

You can read more here about anti-scratch sprays for Bengal Cats.

Note that deterrent and anti-scratching sprays don’t work in all circumstances. That’s why you will often see these products have relatively poor reviews (3-4 stars on Amazon, for example). Because these sprays are an affordable, easy option we still do recommend you give them a try however.

Another option is to look at is scratch repellent tape. From our research, this is often a more effective product than sprays (although many people prefer to use sprays in the first instance because they are less “invasive”).

Basically, what you do with scratch repellent tape is apply it to the piece of furniture that is being attacked by your cat – most products are a bit like double-sided sticky tape in terms of application.

The external surface of the tape makes it difficult for your cat to scratch, so they give up and learn to scratch elsewhere … which brings us on to our next point:

Offer A “Positive” Outlet For Energy

It’s critical to offer your Bengal a positive, desirable outlet for their scratching energy.

Just dissuading your cat from scratching your furniture is not enough – you need to give them something they are allowed and actually encouraged to scratch.

The best option here its to provide your Bengal cat with a good scratching post. You may even elect to have multiple scratching posts around the house – we will leave that decision up to you.

By providing your Bengal with a post they are allowed and encouraged to scratch, you can then offer praise and reward for them scratching the right thing (as opposed to attacking your furniture).

Check out our guide here to the best scratching posts for Bengal cats – we’re sure you will find it helpful. You can also read our guide here on whether or not your Bengal cat really does need a scratching post.

Be Careful With How You Discipline

One other point to note is that it’s important to be careful with how you discipline your Bengal cat if they are scratching your furniture.

Options like spraying with a water pistol, using a shaker to make a loud noise etc are ok as ‘last resorts’ but should always come second to less invasive and “aggressive” options, such as using scratch repellent tape and then also providing a positive outlet such as a scratching post for your Bengal cat.

Cats – like most animals – respond better to positive reinforcement and praise than punishment so it’s important to take this approach in the first instance.

If you’re asking “how can I stop my Bengal cat from scratching and damaging my furniture?” then we hope you have found this guide helpful!


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