How Do Bengal Cats Compare In Size To Other Breeds?

There is no doubt that Bengal cats are a fantastic breed to own. Bengal cats are clever, energetic, attention-loving pets. They love to play and often bond strongly with their owners.

If you are considering whether to adopt a Bengal kitten, you probably wonder how big your cat will grow up to be.

Bengal cats are a powerful, muscular breed. Due to their extra muscle mass, these cats look slim but frequently weigh more than another breed of comparable size.

How Big Do Bengal Cats Get?

While cats are no longer considered kittens once they reach a year old, this does not mean that they are finished growing. Bengal cats do the majority of their growing within the first year of their lives. However, it usually takes between one and a half to two years before Bengal cats reach their full adult sizes.

Adult Bengal cats are mid-sized to large cats that typically weigh between 7 to 15 pounds when fully grown. Female Bengal cats usually range from 7 to 10 pounds while males weigh in from 10 to 15 pounds. This makes them bigger than many other cats but smaller than large breeds on average.

Some individual Bengal cats grow to be smaller or larger than average. Small Bengal cats may grow up to be only 6 pounds. Large Bengal cats have the potential to exceed 20 pounds.

Since most Bengal cats are highly active, they do not often have issues with being overweight. If you are ever unsure whether your Bengal cat is at a healthy weight, take them to the veterinarian for a professional opinion.

What Gives Bengal Cats Their Size And Agility?

Bengal cats are a unique breed that originate from the cross-breeding of the wild Asian Leopard cat with several domestic breeds. Read our article here on the history of the Bengal cat for more information on this.

The five domestic breeds that are crossed with Asian Leopard cats include Egyptian Maus, Bombays, British Shorthairs, Ocicats, and Abyssinians.

The wild side of Bengal cats’ ancestry makes this unique breed highly intelligent and agile, while the domestic half makes Bengal cats loving, affectionate companions.

The unique ancestry of Bengal cats is what gives them their visually stunning marbled or spotted coats. This makes Bengal cats resemble tiny leopards.

Bengal cats can have coats that come in various shades of the three following colors: brown, silver, and snow.

The exact history of your particular cat’s breeding will influence how big she or he will get. For instance, Bengal cats that are a large part British Shorthair have the potential to grow up to be sizable cats. On the flipside, Bengal cats that have dominant Abyssianian blood will likely be smaller and weigh no more than 11 pounds at the most.

Bengal Cat vs Normal Cat Size

Bengal cats are a slim, agile breed with more muscle mass than the average cat. They are typically heavier than most other cats that are a similar height and length.

Bengal cats are larger than small cat breeds such as Munchkin cats or the Devon Rex, and are typically smaller than large breeds such as Ragdolls and Maine Coons.

If fed an optimal diet with sufficient nutrients, your Bengal kitten will easily reach his or her full potential size.

Read our guide here to the best food for Bengal cats for more information on what you should be feeding your cat.

Is A Bengal Cat Right For You?

Bengal cats are fantastic companions that become very attached to their owners, so don’t be surprised if your Bengal cat tries to follow you everywhere.

These robust cats typically live from 14 to 16 years old and are highly intelligent and curious.

Cats are often considered to be low-maintenance pets that take little effort to take care of. However, you should be certain that you are ready to own an energetic, affectionate cat who will need plenty of attention and opportunities to run and play.

Bengal cats are part wild cat after all- a bored Bengal cat could wreak havoc in your home if left with nothing to do. Bengal cats require plenty of play and attention. Cat toys and a cat tree are some vital items that you must provide for your Bengal cat. Check out our guide here to the best toys for Bengal cats for good ideas on toys to keep your Bengal entertained.

To make sure that your Bengal cat is of good health and temperament, it is a wise idea to purchase a kitten from a reputable breeder.

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