How Do I Keep My Bengal Cat Off My Counters?

If you own a Bengal cat, then you know how these furry pets are intelligent and are always trying to find various ways to communicate with their owners. Sometimes, however, you might misinterpret their attempts at communicating as bad behavior. Therefore, as a pet parent, take your time to understand what your Bengal cat is trying to communicate and find ways to address the issue.

Some issues that you will face when you own a Bengal cat include their tendency to scratch on furniture and constantly jumping on kitchen counters. Trying to keep your cat from jumping on the counters is not easy, as they are naturally curious and want to explore each corner of the house.


One thing you will notice with your Bengal cat is their love for food. Your fur friend will associate kitchen counters and dining tables with food. Therefore, they are likely to jump on these counters as soon as you’re not looking. However, jumping on these surfaces can be dangerous to the cats as they don’t realize it. For instance, they can get burns from hot food, or even a running stove. As the pet parent, it is your responsibility to show your Bengal cat that the counters are off-limits.

If you’re wondering, how do I keep my Bengal cat off my counters?’ then you are not alone. Below are some helpful tips you can use to ensure your cat does not keep jumping onto the counters at home.


Most living creatures, you included, are attracted to food on countertops. Therefore, clearing any food from the counters is the best way to stop them from getting on countertops. Any food left on the counters will be tempting to your cat.

Cats are animals with a strong sense of smell. They can, therefore, smell food once you place it on the counters. Cleaning the countertops using products with a lemon scent can prove helpful. Cats hate lemon, and that will help keep them away.


Bengal cats, and all cats in general, are sensitive to their surroundings. These pets are mostly particular when it comes to surface texture. Thus, they try to avoid any surfaces that do not feel good on their paws. Using double-sided sticky tape is a sure way of keeping cats off counters.

Place sticky tape along surfaces that you want your cat to stay away from. Once they feel the stickiness from the tape, they will likely not want to go back.


Using a deterrent spray is another great way to keep your Bengal cat off the counters. Deterrents sprays for cats come in two categories. The first one is a spray that will scare the cat off when they climb on the counters. These sprays are motion activated and go off after sensing any motion. Using these sprays helps scare off the cat with their loud sounds and smells that cats hate.

The second type of spray depends on the fact that Bengal cats hate citrus and lemon scents. Therefore, you can spray the scents in any areas where you do not want your cat to access.


Your cat may be jumping on the counters so that they look out the window. The best solution in such situations is offering another area they can perch. Cover that specific window using window film or blinds, then put up another elevated perch that offers access to another nearby window.

Treats and toys can then help you attract the cat to the alternative perch. Also, use rewarding elements such as verbal praise and attention or treats to help promote the cat being on the perch.


Another reason your cat may be jumping on counters is to avoid young kids and other pets. Installing tall cat trees will help prevent your cat from jumping onto the counters. Cat trees will offer a way for the cats to stay elevated when trying to avoid dogs and children


Though it may take a while, your Bengal cat will finally learn that certain sections in the house bring unpleasant consequences. Therefore, they will try their best to avoid such areas. Every Bengal cat has a different personality and will react differently to the methods mentioned above. Therefore, be patient to find out what works and what doesn’t. Also, feeding the cat right before you start cooking will lower their interest in your food.

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