How High Can Bengal Cats Jump?

In a recent article, we looked at how fast Bengal cats can run.

Continuing on the theme of Bengal cat athleticism, let’s look at how high Bengal cats can jump.

Is your Bengal primed to be the next NBA all-star?

Let’s find out!

How High Can Cats Jump On Average?

The average cat can jump anywhere from 7.5’ (2.3 metres) to 9’ (2.76 metres).

When you consider how small cats are, that is incredibly impressive.

The current human high jump record is 2.45m, and we are substantially taller than cats are!

But can Bengal cats jump higher than “average” cats?

It is a well accepted fact that Bengals are more athletic than the average cat.

Therefore, Bengals are likely to be able to jump on the higher end of the spectrum.

In fact, some cats have been recorded to jump as high as 11’ – a truly impressive feat!

How Are Bengal Cats Able To Jump So High?

Like all other cats, Bengals are able to jump so high and perform such impressive feats of athleticism due to the structure of their bodies.

Firstly, cats are relatively lightweight – meaning there is less mass to move.

Secondly, cats have extremely powerful back legs that allow them to explode out of a jump.

Finally, cats are incredibly flexible – and that flexibility combined with their incredible power helps them to jump so high.

So next time you see your Bengal cat practically taking flight, you can remark at the evolutionary progress that has gone into allowing them to do so!

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