How Much Should A Bengal Kitten Eat?

One of the most common questions we get on this site from new (and prospective) owners is ‘how much should a Bengal kitten eat’.

Obviously you want to ensure you are not only feeding your Bengal the right type of food (see our guide to the best food for Bengal cats for more info on this) but you also want to ensure you are feeding your Bengal kitten the right amount.

On a recent article we looked how often to feed a Bengal kitten; today we look at how much in terms of quantity.

Let’s dive straight in.

Bengal Kittens Are Hungry Creatures

For starters, let’s make it absolutely, abundantly clear that Bengal kittens like to eat a lot and need to eat a lot.

If your Bengal kitten isn’t eating (for any extended period of time) then there could be something seriously wrong from a medical perspective and you need to get him/her down the vet for further investigation.

A kitten not wanting to eat is definitely cause for concern, so make sure you get on top of that if you suspect it is happening.

Now that “PSA” is out of the way, let’s get back to the main topic.

As we mentioned just before, Bengal kittens are hungry little critters that like to eat a great deal.

Your kitten is rapidly growing (see our article here on when a Bengal kitten becomes an adult cat for more information on this).

The food he/she eats is the fuel that allows them to grow.

Although your Bengal might spend lots of his/her time sleeping, you will no doubt have noticed their energy and craziness when awake. All this activity and exertion takes a great deal of fuel, so once again this reinforces the importance of feeding your Bengal kitten the right amount.

Long story short, in this critical phase of life your Bengal kitten is going to need plenty of food to function and grow as Mother Nature intended.

Growing kittens need roughly 3x the calories that an adult cat needs … so you best be prepared to stock up on cat food!

So How Much Should You Be Feeding Your Bengal Kitten?

There are a few different takes on exactly how much you should feed your kitten.

Part of it comes down to what you are feeding them (dry/wet/both).

Long story short, consensus seems to indicate feeding your Bengal kitten 3-4 times per day.

As far as how much that depends on exactly what food you are feeding.

For example, if feeding wet food, then one tin may equal one serving (so if you were feeding wet food only then it would be 3-4 tins per day).

Many experts suggest feeding your Bengal kitten 2 servings (e.g. tins/pouches) of wet food per day plus allowing basically an unlimited amount of dry food as your kitten should be able to “self-regulate” – you could even look at an automatic feeder for your Bengal to assist in this process.

Remember that you are probably better off to err on the side of feeding too much as opposed to too little, because of just how vital it is that your kitten gets enough food.

If In Doubt, Consult The Label

If you’re still not sure exactly how much you should be feeding your Bengal kitten, then make sure you consult the packaging/label on the food you have chosen for your kitty (read our guide to the top food for Bengal cats here for more info if you need help picking).

There should be information on the packaging regarding how much you need to feed your Bengal kitten.

If you are still not sure after reading this guide and consulting the packaging, then definitely consider talking to your vet as well. ‘


To conclude, it’s clear that your Bengal kitten needs plenty to eat.

There can be some contention as to exactly how much, but basically you’re going to need to feed 3-4 times per day.

Remember to consult the instructions on the packaging of the particular brand(s) of food you have purchased for your Bengal kitten.

Don’t forget to read our guide on what you should be feeding your Bengal as well!

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