Improve Communication & Solve Behavior Issues With Your Bengal

As any experienced Bengal cat owner will surely tell you, having a Bengal as part of your household is both a rewarding – and sometimes very challenging – experience.

What is the secret to success when it comes to making your relationship with your Bengal as easy as possible? How about solving pesky and sometimes even dangerous behavior challenges?

The truth is that the most critical factor in having a happy, loving relationship with your Bengal (and ensuring that he/she fits in well into your home) is good communication.

In this respect, Bengal cat ownership is no different to normal human relationships.

Whether business, romantic, or familial, communication is everything!

But how do you communicate with your cat?

After all, you speak a human language such as English, and your cat speaks “cat”!

The secret is in the fact that cats are far better at understanding human language and behavior than we think. And, what’s more, humans can also learn far more about cat language (both verbal/vocal and body language) with the right information.

Learn what you are telling your Bengal, seek to control that messaging, and also understand what your cat is telling you in return and how to respond, and you will drastically improve your relationship with your cat and also have the potential to solve all manner of challenging behavioral issues with minimal fuss.

In order to achieve this, we recommend you invest in the Cat Language Bible system. If you only make one more purchase for your Bengal (apart from the essentials like food/litter/vet bills) then make it this one.

The Cat Language Bible is a superb resource for better understanding and communicating with your cat. Get this right and you will enjoy a closer, stronger bond with your beloved Bengal.

Read our full review of Cat Language Bible for more information, and to see just how far you can take communicating with your cat.

1 thought on “Improve Communication & Solve Behavior Issues With Your Bengal”

  1. I’m having a hard time getting my Bengal kitten to not bite me! He’s loving also, but he is so active and wound up. I go out of my way to play with him and talk to him during all interactions. When ready, he’ll eventually end up sleeping right next to me. On & off he gives me kisses (licking my mouth and I like him back and stroke his head with my face/forehead. When I go to bed, he always tries to bite me on the feet or anywhere he can. The only thing I can do to stop him, is say, “don’t bite Mommy” in a very firm voice. I have to lightly slap him on the face or nose to get him to stop, at least twice each night. Then he goes off to play with his numerous toys and cat tower. He is a handful, but also a good kitty & affectionate. He let’s me know when I’m in another room, that he wants me to come and play/cheer him on or find a ball that’s gone missing. I pick him up & love on him throughout the day also. I have so many scratches on my arms! It’s like he get in an attack mode and the only thing that snaps hom out of it is to let him know that I’m mad & to slap him on the nose. I hate doing that!
    Please give e me so.e advise! He’s only 3 months old! From what I’ve read, he will always be more active than your regular house cat.


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