Introducing ‘In A Hurry’ – The “Short Tail” Of Bengal Cat Information

This isn’t really a proper article, more of a quick update that going-forward I’ll be adding a new section to every article I write for this site called ‘In A Hurry – Here’s What You Need To Know’.

This will be a short section of bullet point answers to the question(s) being answered in the article.

I know that web articles are getting longer and longer these days (the reason being that Google often only shows articles with lots of words in them) but at the same time you might be in a hurry and just want an answer to your question or to quickly get the information you need.

With that in mind, I’ll be adding the “In A Hurry” section to all new articles – you can quickly glance at this and find out what you need to know, and then read on for more information if so required.

I welcome your feedback on this concept, so feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

On a side note, I wish you a Happy New Year – there is more content coming in 2023 for this website, so keep an eye out.

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