Is A Bengal Cat A Lap Cat?

Is A Bengal Cat A Lap Cat?

Bengal cats are great pets. They are equally affectionate and loyal just like other cat breeds. However, you can not put them in your lap just like you put other pets. And this is not because they don’t like their owner or they are anti-social, in fact, there are certain reasons for them not sitting on the lap of their owners.

Is a Bengal cat a lap cat? No, a Bengal cat is not a lap cat. And don’t even force it to stay put on your lap, your cat may get furious and start throwing tantrums. But don’t be disappointed, there can be certain occasions when your kitty might show some interest in your lap.

Here Are Some Reasons Why a Bengal Cat Won’t Sit in Your Lap :

They Are Active Cats

Bengal cats are the little volcanoes of energy. They just don’t like sitting idle or sleeping. You will never see them wagging their tails and resting at a corner. Instead of that, they love exploring the house, cuddling and enjoying with other pets. This is the biggest reason they don’t stay in the laps of their owners.

They Are Very Curious

Bengal cats are very curious and intelligent. They love to learn about new things. Sometimes they stick their noses to the things out of their concern. They prefer exploring new things over sitting in the laps.

They Aren’t Lazy

Bengal cats aren’t lazy unlike most of the breeds. They prefer roaming around and playing in water rather than taking a nap in your lap.

Bengals Have Different Ways Of Showing Affection

Just because your Bengal kitty doesn’t like to sit in your lap doesn’t mean it doesn’t love you. This breed has its own ways of showing affection. This includes sitting beside their owner, greeting him at the doors, communicating and being very vocal.

So, these are some out of many reasons why Bengal cat doesn’t show any interest in sitting into the laps of keepers. But this doesn’t mean you will never be able to cuddle with them. These cats are very moody, they can sometimes accept your invitation and crawl into your lap to cuddle whenever it feels like. Basically, you don’t have any stand in this behavior.

All you can do is wait for your kitty to accept your invitation and crawl up to you by itself. This is the only way to keep a Bengal feline into your lap.

Another thing you should keep in mind is, Bengal cats are attention seekers. But their behavior is slightly different than the other cat breeds. They surely enjoy the company of their keeper and love socializing with others but you can’t force them to sit on laps. As a sensible owner, you should accept this behaviour of your pet and shouldn’t loathe the poor guy or girl for this. So, all in all, Bengal cats in general are not the lap cats.

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