Is It True Bengal Cats Can’t Go Outside?

A question we occasionally get asked by readers (remember, you can submit your questions here) is if Bengal cats can’t go outside?

In this short article we aim to answer that question.

So, why can’t Bengal cats go outside? Let’s find out!

The truth is that Bengal cats can go outside.

There is no reason why your Bengal cannot go outside.

In fact it is healthy and recommended for your Bengal to get outside when possible.

Now that is not to say that Bengal cats cannot live permanently inside. In fact, many Bengal cats all around the world live perfectly happy and contended lives indoors. As you can see from our article on whether or not Bengal cats can live in apartments, this is not a problem.

Where the idea that Bengals shouldn’t go outside comes from is the fact that this places them at greater risk of injury or getting lost.

It’s clear that allowing your Bengal cat outside is good for his/her health in the sense of giving an opportunity to exercise (and it also helps them to stay entertained and mentally “occupied”). However, there’s no doubt that it does result in some increased risks for your cat as well.

Bengals have a tendency to want to explore and roam around (see our article on this very subject here) and this is where the belief some owners have that Bengals shouldn’t be allowed outside comes from.

This tendency can mean a greater likelihood of injury than if your Bengal was an indoor cat (possibly being hit by a car, attacked by another animal etc) so you do need to consider the risk of this.

Furthermore, there is also the risk of your Bengal getting lost or stolen. You can look to mitigate this risk with a collar for your Bengal cat that has contact information, possibly even GPS tracking etc. Check out our guide to the best collars for Bengal cats here for more information.

Ultimately, while there is no reason why Bengal cats can’t go outside, you need to be happy with the risk of letting your Bengal cat outside.

With some sensible precautions we believe it’s a good idea, and preferable for the mental and physical health of your cat.

However, your Bengal can live happily and healthily inside if needed as well.

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