My Bengal Cat Acts Like A Dog – Is This Normal?

Bengal cats are famous worldwide for their unique and interesting personalities.

However, we have had a few reader emails and comments in recent months saying “my Bengal cat acts like a dog – is this normal?” (Or words to that effect).

Now we’re fairly positive that this doesn’t mean the reader’s Bengal cat is barking, but Bengals have been known to have a tendency to display some more canine behaviour.

Our Bengal cat (Kala) was incredibly enthusiastic about playing catch when she was younger. In fact, she was better at catch than the Labrador we had at the time.

This is one example of a Bengal cat acting like a dog.

Other examples of Bengal cats acting like our canine companions include:

  • A high degree of trainability to perform tricks like sitting, staying or coming. Because Bengals are a seriously intelligent breed of cats, it is easier to achieve this kind of training with them than with many other breeds. We suggest you try training your Bengal to do tricks from a young age, as this will likely be easier than training as they get older (what’s the saying? “You can’t teach an old cat new tricks!”)
  • Bengal cats will often enjoy travelling in the car, provided they are introduced to doing so from a young age. Beware of allowing your Bengal free roam in the car as it is moving, as this poses a serious safety hazard for both yourself and your cat in the event of a crash or sudden braking/swerving manoeuvre. Instead, invest in a travel carrier with good visibility so your beloved Bengal can enjoy the ride in a safe manner.
  • Bengal cats can enjoy leash walking. Once again, it is advisable to introduce them to this from a young age and also invest in a quality leash and harness. Many Bengal owners report that their cats greatly enjoy going for regular walks, just like dogs tend to do. This can be a great option for exercising your Bengal if you like in an apartment or somewhere else where letting your cat outside is not a good option.

If you’re sitting there thinking “my Bengal cat acts like a dog”, then don’t be alarmed. This is totally normal and nothing at all to worry about.,

Instead, embrace the unique, playful and inquisitive nature of your Bengal cat.

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