My Bengal Cat Doesn’t Like Water – What Can I Do?

Many Bengal cat owners report that their pets have a strange fascination with water.

For example, it’s not uncommon to find a Bengal cat pawing at water (you can read our article about this here). It’s a trait that has developed in Bengal cats from their “wild days” to help ensure cleaner drinking water by scooping away any muck and grime.

Other owners report their Bengals enjoying swimming, as the following video demonstrates:

It is fairly clear that Bengals are generally water loving cats!

It can therefore be concerning if your Bengal doesn’t seem to demonstrate this same tendency.

In fact, we occasionally get messages from owners saying words to the effect of “my Bengal cat doesn’t like water – what can I do?”

In this article we are going to cover a few things to consider if your Bengal cat isn’t a fan of water!

It Is Normal Behaviour

Remember that just like humans, all cats are unique.

Just because many Bengal cats like water, it doesn’t mean that your Bengal necessarily must also like water.

If you are sitting there wondering why your Bengal cat doesn’t like water, then our first piece of advice is simply not to worry about it. It may simply be that your Bengal is never going to be a “water cat” and that really isn’t a problem.

A Bengal cat not liking water is not a health issue (if anything it could be argued that it’s the opposite as it’s less likely that your Bengal might accidentally fall into a deep body of water!)

Behavior May Change Over Time & Age

Also bear in mind that your cat’s behavior can change over time. Your Bengal might dislike water now, but could grow to like it (or perhaps your cat liked water to begin with and is now shying away from it, hence your cause for concern).

Behaviors and preference in animals – much as with humans – can change and develop over time, so you need to be prepared to go along with the ride!


If you’re sitting there thinking “help – my Bengal cat doesn’t like water”, then as per our guide above the most important thing to remember is that this isn’t a problem per se.

It may just be the nature of your Bengal that they don’t like water!

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  1. My beagle cat hates water it’s her worst fear she hears the shower she gets so scared and tries to hide somewhere in the house I really hope she grows into it do you have any more advice for my cat


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