My Bengal Kitten Is Crying All The Time – Why?

Having a Bengal kitten that is crying all the time can be a very stressful process.

In this article we are going to look at what you can do to help soothe and calm a Bengal kitten that is crying incessantly.

Not only is the noise irritating – it could indicate something is seriously wrong with your kitty, so you want to get on top of the problem ASAP.

Let’s dive in and solve the question at hand.

Bengal Kitten Crying Can Mean Many Different Things

The first thing to understand is that your Bengal kitten’s crying can mean many different things.

Bear in mind that your Bengal cannot “talk” in the way that a human can. He/she can only cry (meow) with different tones, so as the human owner you need to be able to read into that.

Here are some of the different things that your Bengal kitten’s meowing might mean:

  • Hunger – Your Bengal kitten is hungry and needs food. Remember that a kitten needs to eat about 3x the calories of an adult cat in order to enable optimal health and growth. Make sure you are feeding your kitten enough. Read our guide to how much to feed your Bengal kitten, as well as our reviews of the best foods for Bengal cats for more info on this critical subject.
  • Thirst – Your kitten could be thirsty/dehydrated. Ensure you have adequate water available and it is easy for your kitten to access. Consider investing in a water fountain for your Bengal kitten (we have reviews of some of the best ones here).
  • Dirty Litter – It is well known that Bengal cats HATE dirty litter. If your Bengal kitten does not have access to clean litter, then this could be cause for his or her constant crying. Ensure you are using a good litter box (read our guide here) as well as the right type of litter. You may even wish to consider investing in more than one litter box, and ensure it is in a place where your kitten can access easily.
  • Pain/sickness – Another reason your Bengal kitten may be crying all the time is due to pain and or sickness. Their crying could be an indication that something is perhaps seriously wrong. It can sometimes be a little too easy to “write off” your Bengal’s crying as being due to one of the other causes listed here. However, if you have worked through the list, methodically addressing each issue (e.g. ensuring your kitten has enough food, ensuring they have clean litter, giving lots of attention etc) then you do not want to rule this out. If your kitten’s crying won’t stop despite anything you try OR it seems very “pained” and/or frantic, then consider consulting with your vet.
  • Anxiety – It’s very common for a kitten to cry when you first bring him/her home as they will be looking for their mother and/or siblings. This is normal behaviour and should generally subside over the course of days (sometimes weeks) as the kitten becomes more familiar with you, your family, and their new surroundings.
  • Boredom – Another reason your Bengal kitten may be frequently crying is due to boredom. Kittens need lots of entertainment and stimulation to stay occupied, so ensure you are providing them with ample opportunity to do so. Check out our guide to the best toys for Bengal cats for some ideas for how you can keep your kitten entertained and contented!
  • Attention Seeking – Your Bengal kitten may simply want attention as it is still getting used to being left alone. Going from having a loving mother and siblings to being alone is quite an adjustment indeed. Over time this should fade as your Bengal gets more used to being by itself.


If you’re wondering why your Bengal cat is crying all the time, then hopefully this article has helped you to understand why.

There are many reasons why your kitten may be crying – try to remedy each in turn and see if that fixes/solves the issue.

Remember that if you are concerned that your Bengal’s crying is due to a medical issue, then it is worth contacting your vet for their opinion.

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