Bengal Cat Exercise Tips – How To Make Exercise Fun & Effective For Your Bengal

Bengal cats are a unique breed known for their energetic and playful personalities. As a result, they require regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. Providing your Bengal cat with adequate exercise is crucial to prevent obesity, boredom, and destructive behavior. However, finding the right exercise routine for your Bengal cat can be … Read more

Mistakes First Time Bengal Cat Owners Make: Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Are you considering getting a Bengal cat as a pet? These felines are known for their striking appearance, active personalities, and intelligence. However, first-time Bengal cat owners often make some common mistakes that can lead to frustration and even health issues for their pets. One of the most common mistakes that new Bengal cat owners … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Related To Tigers?

Are Bengal cats related to tigers? This is quite a common question about the breed and the truth is that they are not related to tigers. Bengals are a domestic breed of cat that was created by crossing domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. The Asian leopard cat, also known as the Prionailurus bengalensis, … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Considered Exotic?

Bengal cats have quickly become one of the most popular and sought after breeds of domestic cat in recent years. Their wild-looking coat gives them a unique appearance and they have an energetic and engaging personality. But are Bengal cats considered exotic?  What Is An Exotic Cat?  An exotic cat can be defined as a … Read more