Will Bengal Cats Kill Other Cats?

Before answering whether Bengal cats will kill other cats it is important to consider their origins. Bengal cats were developed by crossbreeding the Asian Leopard Cat with various domestic breeds of cat. The selective breeding of these two breeds of cats was a scientific effort to determine possible resistances to Feline Leukemia. The resultant hybrids … Read moreWill Bengal Cats Kill Other Cats?

Do Bengal Cats Scratch Furniture?

Whoever owns a cat might already be familiar with the well-known destroying ability of cats. Different breeds might be into scratching furniture more than others, but if you own a Bengal cat (or you are about to get one), you’ll have to get ready for some mess. Bengal cats are indeed not only gorgeous. They … Read moreDo Bengal Cats Scratch Furniture?

Are Bengal Cats Bigger Than Normal Cats?

In this article, we are going to answer the question “are Bengal cats bigger than normal cats?” Generally speaking, Bengal cats are larger than the average house cats because they have muscular bodies. It is a medium to large sized cat breed with spots, akin to a leopard. When you look at Bengals, they are … Read moreAre Bengal Cats Bigger Than Normal Cats?