Can My Bengal Cat Live Inside?

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If you’re thinking of buying a bengal cat but you live in a property/environment that doesn’t offer much opportunity for outdoors activity, then you may be wondering ‘can my bengal cat live inside?’ In this article we are going to look at the truth about letting your bengal live primarily indoors. I recently published an … Read more

What Do Bengal Cats Look Like?

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Bengal cats make excellent pets and are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re new to the breed, you are probably wondering about some of their features and traits, and might be wondering “what do Bengal cats look like?” The good news is that Bengals come in a range of colors, but they share some common features. … Read more

How Long Do Bengal Cats Live?

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Bengal cats are an exciting cat breed. They were bred from crosses between domestic cats and the wild Asian Leopard Cat. You can learn more about where bengal cats come from here. These fun felines typically feature a coat filled with rosettes, similar to the coat pattern of a panther. What really makes the Bengal … Read more