Should I Buy A Bengal Cat?

So you want a new cat, and you’ve come across Bengals.

It’s hard not to be mesmerised by their unique and intoxicating blend of intelligence, curiousity and beauty.
But is a Bengal the right animal for you?

In this article we are going to answer the question “should I buy a Bengal cat”.

Bengals Aren’t The Easiest Cats To Live With

Let’s get some cleared off right away – Bengals aren’t the “easiest” cats to live and deal with.

If all you want is a conventional cat owning experience with as little fuss as possible, then you are probably better served going for a moggy/tabby cat or some other breed that is known to be a bit easier to live with.

There is obviously going to be individual variations within a population. Much as all humans are different, all cats are different too (Bengals included).

However, Bengals do have a tendency to be a bit harder to manage than other types of cats.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Affection – If you read our guide to whether or not Bengal cats are affectionate, you’ll note that although they can be quite an effect Iona the breed they are very much affectionate “on their own terms”. If you’re after a cat that wants attention and affection all the time, then a Bengal cat may not be the best option for you.
  • Vocalisation – Bengal owners are frequently found asking “why does my Bengal meow so much?” – If you like a cat that can be seen and not heard, then a Bengal almost certainly isn’t for you.
  • Aggression – Due to their part-wild nature, Bengal cats have a reputation for supposedly being more aggressive than other types of cats. While this is largely anecdotal, there is probably a higher than normal chance of a Bengal showing aggression versus other breeds. Good socialisation and behaviour reinforcement from a young age will minimise the risk of this, but it is still something to consider.
  • Scratching & destructive behaviour – Bengal cats have a tendency to love scratching. While this behaviour can be minimised/mitigated with the correct approach and equipment (especially providing the right opportunities for stimulation and play) you still need to be comfortable with the fact that a Bengal may well be more destructive than your “average” cat.


To conclude, if you are asking yourself “Should I buy a Bengal cat?” – the truth is that it really does depend.

If you want the easiest, most relaxed type of cat possible, then a Bengal probably isn’t a great option.

It’s a little bit like buying a car. A European sports car is going to cost you more to buy, more to run, and give you more headaches. But it also gives you something that no “regular” car can ever give you – a special feeling, and a special experience (and hopefully you forge a special bond with your Bengal too).

If you’re up to the challenge, then we recommend you take the plunge and buy a Bengal cat!

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