Tools & Calculators

On this page you’ll find links to some simple Bengal cat (and ‘general’ cat) related calculators and tools I’ve developed to help you to:

  • Understand your cat’s age in human years
  • Determine a healthy weight for your cat
  • Know how much litter you need to purchase

Here’s a list of the current calculators/tools – click to use them:

  • Bengal cat/human age calculator – use this to determine how old your Bengal cat is in human years
  • Litter usage & cost calculator – plug in your number of cat(s), how many times your cat(s) pee per day on average, and the size of your litter tray and you’ll get a breakdown on litter consumption; you can also add in the quantity of the litter you purchase and the cost to get a cost per day/week/month/year for litter for your cat.
    • Upcoming update – automatically find (from Amazon) the best deal on cat litter for your usage.