What Makes Bengal Cats So Special?

You might see a cat with special stripes fur on the Internet and wondered what kind of cats they are, is that their original fur color? It’s the Bengal cat, a “little leopard”, which is interested in by a lot of cat lovers today because of its unique ( and cuteness, too).

Now, let’s see what makes Bengal cats so special:

1. They love water

It sounds weird, right? Cats are always scared water, they hate their fur getting wet, you can see this when taking a bath for them. Yes, but Bengal is an exception.

Bengal cats are extremely fond of water. It’s not uncommon to see a Bengal cat swimming in a pool with his family, or taking a refreshing dip in the bath. The reason why Bengal cats have this strange habit is that their ancestors were underwater hunters.

If with other cats, anything with water is dangerous and should be avoided. Well, opposite to others, everything with water is the best play area for Bengal cats. Do you intend to keep an aquarium when you have a Bengal cat? Please protect the aquarium carefully, so that your cat does not touch the water. If not, your fish will probably not be intact.

Playing with water is like a hobby, an endless passion for Bengal cats. That hobby also blends into their drinking habit. Other normal cats will drink water by tapping the tongue and mouth directly. What about Bengal? They will dip a hand in the bowl of water, soak it wet and then put it up to the mouth, and lick.

2. Wild-appearing but a gentle-tempered domestic cat.

Bengal cats are not domesticated. They were originally bred for that purpose. Bengal cats always have half of their wild instinct, what they succeed from their ancestors – the Asian spotted cat.

The breeders always wanted the Bengal cat to have the most beautiful wild appearance in its coat. That is why the Bengal cat has not been domesticated as a domestic cat forever.

Bengal cats love hunting, running, climbing all day. Therefore, make sure that around your little Bengal cat is always full of appropriate toys. Otherwise, sofa, cushions, or anything will become their toys.

A little naughty hunter

Yes, the Bengal cats always have a hunting instinct when they were born. Be sure you can teach them properly. If not? It is highly recommended that you choose another calmer cat.

Because the instinct to tear the prey is always flowing in the blood of the Bengal cat. Therefore, do not be surprised to see that a small Bengal cat can tear up everything in your home. You need to teach and provide enough toys for this cat. If not, you will spend quite a bit of money to buy new things with these devils.

They have the personality of a dog

Exactly! In addition to enjoying bathing, wading, or playing all day, Bengal cats love to walk. Owning a Bengal cat means that you are raising a cat with a puppy-like personality.

Try to ensure that your Bengal cat will be taken for a regular walk.

Resistant to leukemia virus in cats

In the genetic samples and blood of the ancestor of the Bengal cat, there is a very special type of antibody. This antibody is resistant to the virus that causes leukemia in cats. That’s why breeders are eager for Bengal cats to be born. And they succeeded! Blood samples from Bengal cats have been inherited from this antibody, which helps Bengal cats fight against the leukemia virus. It also opens up opportunities for other domestic cats to suffer from this malignancy.

One of the most expensive cats

Bengal is inherently a hybrid cat, so their resistance is extremely weak. The percentage of kittens that are fully grown, without any health problems, is rare. The standard of coat color and purebred origin is also very strict. As a result, Bengal cats are even rarer now.

The price of Bengal cats falls around an average of $ 1,000. But depending on the purity, color, shape, the price of Bengal cats will range from $ 400 – $ 10,000. What an unbelievable price, isn’t it?


That’s all about my sharing _What makes Bengal cats so special_. When adopting Bengal cats, you need to be especially patient with them. A cat with half of the wild blood is certainly unlike the others. Vandalism, unruly will become an inherent personality of Bengal cats without proper teaching. Patience, love, pampering in the right way, Bengal cats will always love and be with you.

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