What’s Coming Up On This Website?

If you’ve been flicking through the posts/articles on this site, then you might have noticed that I had taken a bit of a ‘hiatus’ from posting.

I’ve been very busy with work, and this site is definitely more of a hobby for me.

However, I do have some exciting developments/updates planned, most notably:

  • Releasing a Bengal cat breeder directory, to make it easier for you to find breeders in your local area
  • Releasing a Bengal cat discussion board/forum, so you can connect with other Bengal owners online
  • Committing to publishing a new article every week
  • Setting up a ‘Reader’s Cat’ submission form, so you can send in photos/videos of your Bengal and I will publish them for everyone else to enjoy

Once again, I do apologise for the slow pace of new content on the site. I’ve got a bit more time on my hands now, so will be getting back into the swing of things ASAP.

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