When Do Male Bengal Cats Stop Growing?

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In this short article we are going to answer the question “when do male Bengal cats stop growing?”

If you have purchased a male Bengal kitten, then you’ll probably want to know when he is going to be done growing.

For starters, you might want to look at our guide to when Bengal cats are fully grown. This doesn’t look at males specifically, hence why we have written his additional article.

So, when do male Bengal cats stop growing and become fully grown?

Basically, your male Bengal cat is going to be fully grown by around 12 months of age – perhaps slightly later.

Cats grow fastest up until the age of 6 months, and then at a slower rate from 6-12 months.

Therefore, your male Bengal cat will probably stop growing around 12 months of age.

There will always be exceptions to this rule, and in both directions. Some may grow faster, some may grow slower … but consider 12 months the age at which your male Bengal cat will largely be fully grown.

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