When Does A Bengal Kitten Become A Cat?

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In today’s article, we answer the question “when does a Bengal kitten become a cat?”

Keep reading to find out the truth about when your Bengal kitten will become an adult cat.

The unfortunate truth is that your cute little kitten isn’t going to stay that way for particularly long.

Why Do Cats Grow Up So Fast?

It’s worth considering why kittens grow into adult cats so quickly.

After all, it takes humans many years to grow into adulthood.

So why are kittens in such a hurry to grow up?

Firstly, bear in mind that kittens are relatively small creatures, and small animals tend to mature faster.

Secondly, cats have evolved over time to develop and mature quickly so that they can reproduce.

Female cats can get pregnant from as young as four months old.

This evolutionary trait helps keep cats going as a species, as too long between birth and pregnancy would mean a greater chance of cats dying out from predators, disease etc.

When Does A Bengal Kitten Become An Adult Cat?

Now you understand why kittens develop and mature so fast, it’s important to consider when your Bengal kitten will actually become an adult cat.

There are some different interpretations on this topic, but in general it can be broken down like this:

* 0-6 months – your kitten is definitely a kitten, and growing fast
* 6-9 months – rate of growth slows
* 9-12 months (on the higher side usually) – your Bengal is now technically an adult, although will almost certainly continue acting like a kitten!

There is no exact number of days/weeks/months that represents some kind of cut off point at which your Bengal kitten becomes a cat.

To conclude, let’s confirm the answer to the question when does a Bengal kitten become a cat?

Around 12 months of age you can start seeing your Bengal as being an adult cat (although they are likely to still behave like a kitten!)

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