Where Do Bengal Cats Live?

In this short article, we are going to answer the question “where do Bengal cats live?”

There are some common misconceptions about the origins and nature of the Bengal cat.

One of the most popular amongst these is the notion that Bengal cats are “wild” animals that have somehow been tamed to live in a quasi-domestic state.

This isn’t true.

As you can see on our article about the history of the Bengal cat, Bengals are fully domesticated.

They are a relatively new breed of domestic cat, but the are domesticated nonetheless.

Therefore, if you’re wondering where do Bengal cats live, the answer is actually rather simple!

Bengal cats live where humans live.

Bengal cats make great house pets, and are perfectly at home being “at home”.

They are not wild animals that live out in the forest or nature (although there must undoubtedly be some feral Bengal cats out there).

Bengals are domesticated cats – pets and companions for humans.

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