Where To Put A Litter Box In A Small Apartment?

It’s a well known fact that a litter box is all but essential for a happy, healthy Bengal cat (although there are some whose cat seem content to either go outside, or even use the human toilet if this video is to be believed).

However, for most Bengal cat owners (and owners of other cats) a litter box is a total necessity.

With that in mind, where do you put a litter box in a small apartment?

If you’ve got a big home with lots of space, then finding a suitable place for the litter box is not so difficult.

But where should you place your Bengal’s litter box in a small apartment or flat?

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Privacy & Quietness Are Important

The most important things to consider when finding a place to put your Bengal cat’s litter box in a small apartment are:

1. Privacy is key. Cats prefer to do their “business” in private (unlike dogs who are generally very proud to display their activities to the world – although a good mobile dog groomer can help with this). Therefore, look for the most private places in your apartment. Depending on how many rooms and how much space you have, this may be easier said than done. Options include placing the litter box in your bathroom, in a guest room or spare room, or in a laundry.

2. Quietness. Cats also prefer a quiet location for their litter boxes, away from as much unnecessary noise as possible which might interrupt and frighten/alarm them when going to the toilet. Privacy and quietness will go hand in hand generally, but if you have a noisy washing machine in your laundry (for example) then this might not be such a good place to put your Bengal’s litter box.

3. Hygiene. For obvious reasons, the kitchen is not a particularly suitable place for a litter box … and not a very pleasant one either! Consider the hygiene impacts of where you place your Bengal’s litter box in your apartment

Look For “Hidden” Options

Another thing to consider if you’re struggling for litter box placement in a small apartment or flat is to look at options for “hidden” or disguised litter boxes.

Not all litter boxes need to be potentially smelly, open topped plastic trays.

In our guide to the best litter boxes for Bengal cats, you’ll see there are a number of more trendy and stylish options that you can pick from that might blend in, and which might also be better at protecting against odours and messes in a smaller space.

You can also look into DIY projects such as building a litter box into a sliding cabinet, so it can be hidden when you have guests over etc (although you need to be careful here that you don’t wind up in a situation where your Bengal is prevented from getting access to his/her litter).

Conclusion – Where To Put A Litter Box In A Small Apartment

If you’re wondering where to put your Bengal cat’s litter box in a small apartment or flat, then remember these “golden rules”:

1. Pick a private location – Your cat doesn’t want to be seen when he/she goes to the litter box.
2. Pick a quiet location – Avoid noises that might startle your Bengal, such as loud appliances.
3. Consider hygiene factors (e.g. placing your Bengal cat’s litter box in the kitchen is probably not a good idea, for example)

In our experience, the laundry or bathroom tend to be the two best places for litter boxes in small apartments and flats.

Don’t forget to read our guide to the best litter boxes for Bengal cats for more information on what sort of litter box you should get for your cat.

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