Why Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

Compared to many other breeds of cat, Bengals seem to have a strange infatuation with water. It’s not uncommon to see a Bengal cat actually seeking out water.

This – of course – can come across as bizarre behaviour to most people who are accustomed to cats hating water.

But why do Bengal cats like water so much?

In this article, we dive in to looking at why Bengal cats seem to be so fond of water, especially when compared to other breeds of cat.

Do Bengal Cats Actually Like Water?

Although there are always some variations from individual to individual (just like some humans like going in the water more than others) there does seem to be a real tendency for Bengal cats to like water.

Many owners report that their cats love playing with water, wherever they can find it.

Furthermore, Bengal cats simply do not seem to display the same level of hydrophobia (fear of water) that typifies so many other cats.

From jumping in the bath, to pawing at water in their bowl, Bengals just seem to have a very different attitude to water compared to what we expect from cats.

But what is the reason for this?

Why Do Bengal Cats Like Water So Much?

The primary reason Bengal cats seem to love water is all down to genetics.

If you’ve read our guide to the history of the Bengal cat, then you will know that Bengals are descended in part from the Asian Leopard Cart.

The Asian Leopard Cat also happens to be very fond of water!

Therefore, this love of water was passed down to the Bengal cats we know and love today.


Why do Bengal cats love water as much as they do?

As we discussed above, this is basically all down to genetics.

The lineage of the Bengal cat has resulted in the modern cat having a genetic predisposition to liking water.

Asian Leopard Cats – from whence Bengals are descended – love water too. That explains your Bengal’s love of H20!

Obviously some individual cats will dislike water, and others will really love it, but on the whole it’s hard to deny that Bengals do seem to quite enjoy water.

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