Why Do People Say ‘Don’t Get A Bengal Cat’?

You might have occasionally heard people say ‘don’t get a Bengal cat’.

In fact, this can appear to be an all-too-common refrain from Bengal cat owners.

But why? Why would some people suggest that you shouldn’t get a Bengal?

Are Bengal cats really that bad, really that difficult to deal with?

In this short article we look at whether or not there is any truth behind the statement ‘don’t get a Bengal cat’.

The Problem(s) With Bengal Cats

Here At Authentic Bengal Cats, it goes without saying that we are massive fans of the Bengal breed. We live and breathe Bengals.

However, we also understand that Bengals are not the easiest cats to live and deal with. You really do need to go into the ownership process and “experience” with your eyes wide open.

Here are some of the more common problems/issues people report with Bengal cat ownership:

  • Damage to property/furniture – Bengals – especially when young/growing up – can have a tendency to be a bit destructive of property, furniture etc. Although lots of cats do this, the more powerful and athletic nature of Bengals makes it more challenging. Consult our guide on whether or not a Bengal cat will destroy your furniture for more information on this topic.
  • Excessive vocalisation – If you want a cat that will be seen and not heard, then you might want to look elsewhere. Bengals have a tendency to be quite vocal. In fact, one of the more common complaints we hear from owners who go on to argue that you shouldn’t get a Bengal is that the vocalisation is simply too much! Our Bengal – Kala – has become very vocal in her older age. Read our guide here to Bengal cat vocalisation.
  • Energy – Bengal cats can be highly energetic, especially when young. Are you prepared for a cat that might be a feline version of the Energizer Bunny? Although all cats can be energetic, Bengals can be especially so. When a Bengal cat gets the zoomies, you are going to know about it. Some people find that a real challenge to keep up with. Is this something you are happy to deal with?

So in conclusion, how sound is the advice ‘don’t get a Bengal cat’?

In our opinion, Bengal cat ownership is still a great thing. We don’t think you should avoid getting a Bengal just because others have had some difficulties or challenges. Any cat has the potential to be a bit of a handful to deal with.

However, you MUST be prepared for potential difficulties. If you can’t see yourself coping with any of the issues we outlined above, then Bengal cat ownership probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you go into the process with your ‘eyes wide open’, then we think you will greatly enjoy it – despite the occasional up and down.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please check out the other Bengal cat guides and information on this site. You can also follow us here on Facebook to stay up to date on social media.

Finally, if you are interested in learning how to better communicate with your Bengal cat, then we recommend you watch this video on ‘cat communication and language’ and pick up the eBook that is for sale afterwards – it’s excellent value for money and will greatly help you to better understand and communicate with your Bengal (which may go some way to reduce the risk of the difficulties/challenges we outline above!)

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  1. We have a 1yr. Old male Bengal that we raised as a kitten from 12weeks old he was neutered at 6 months. He bonded to me very strong likes to sleep in my lap and does his moma dance on my chest. He does not mark his territory has plenty of inter active toys and goes for walks on a lead. Our problem is we have a 9 yr old female Tortious shell cat which he jumps on her back and bites her trying to play but too rough and she sreams. I try the no vocal, squirt bottle, vibration collar, cannabis oil for cats. minutes. Finally bought a 4’x4’x5′ cat pen and rotate the two in shifts is there anything I can do to stop his behavior. We are retired so we are home all day. Thx, Jim


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