Why Does My Bengal Cat Lick Me?

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In this article we are going to look at the following question:

“Why does my Bengal cat lick me?”

You may have noticed your Bengal cat licking you from time to time, and may not be certain as to what causes this behaviour, and whether or not it is desirable (or something that needs to be stopped).

Let’s take a look at this common Bengal cat behaviour, and determine what (if anything) to do about it.

Why Does Your Bengal Cat Lick You?

Your Bengal cat licks you in order to show affection and promote social bonding.

Some people theorise that a cat might lick its owner as an encouragement for the owner to clean themselves (basically your cat saying that you aren’t hygienic enough). However, there seems to be little evidence to support this claim … but maybe check that you’ve showered if your cat seems to be licking you a lot.

From a young age, your Bengal’s mother would have licked your cat not only to groom but also to develop a social bond.

Your cat will then learn to replicate this behaviour on other animals (or humans) that he/she wants to develop a bond with; usually their owners and new family.

Chances are, therefore, that your cat is licking you “out of love”.

There is a possibility that your cat is also licking due to stress (cats lick objects or themselves more when they are stressed). It could also be a sign of territorial marking.

If you notice other strange/undesirable/aggressive behaviour, then it’s worth investigating if you cat is stressed out by anything (e.g. a house move, introduction of new pet to the home etc) or is looking to express territorial marking.

However, if your cat seems contented, then chances are that they are licking you out of affection and a desire to form a stronger social bond.


Your Bengal cat licks you because he/she loves you and sees you as part of the “family”.

This licking is generally always done out of affection for you, and not for any other reason.

If the licking is accompanied with undesirable behaviour, such as biting, then this is a different issue and may need to be addressed.

However, as a general rule, you should be pleased that your cat likes you so much to show you affection in such a way.

Remember that licking is a way of your cat seeking to form a social bond.

It might not be the most hygienic behaviour in the world … but at least it means they love you!

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