Why Does My Bengal Cat Paw At Water?

It’s no great secret that compared to many other breeds of domestic cat, Bengal cats really like water. This is something that often takes first time Bengal owners by surprise, as we tend to think of cats not liking water.

One thing you may have noticed your Bengal doing is pawing/clawing at water.

Here’s a quick example from a YouTube video:

But why does your Bengal do this?

The answer actually lies in the evolutionary history of the Bengal cat.

You will no doubt be aware that Bengal cats are descended from Asian Leopard Cats.

Asian Leopard Cats are known to paw at water. The reason for this is actually quite simple – it is done to remove surface dirt and debris from the water.

This trait has simply carried down through the generations to modern, domesticated Bengal cats.

The reason why your Bengal cat paws at water is ultimately to try and ensure that water is safe for them to drink.

So next time you catch your Bengal pawing/clawing at their water bowl (or any other water) you’ll now understand why they are doing it.

You can thank the interesting breed history of the Bengal cat for this unique behaviour.

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