Why Does My Bengal Cat Pee On My Bed?

Bengal cats have unique traits that make them a joy to own but can also make their behavior troubling for some cat owners. If you’re wondering why does my bengal cat pee on my bed, then you’re not alone. If your bengal cat is avoiding their litter box in favor of your bed, then they’re trying to tell you something. To help you determine the problem, there are a few primary reasons.

New Animal in the House

Bengal cats are very territorial. They aren’t afraid to mark their territory if they feel threatened by a new arrival. Even the presence of outdoor animals may trigger this response. Just like dogs prefer to mark their territory, bengal cats may display much of the same behavior. Your cat is going to look at areas in the home which smell much like you. Your bed usually has a strong scent to a cat. Much like marking their territory in the home, your bed is an area where they can show the house is theirs.

If you do decide to add another feline or any other animal to the house, you’ll have better luck if you decide to use a slow introduction. Make sure that you have enough space for both cats and give all animals a variety of activities so that they don’t have pent-up energy. This will cut down on the chances of the cat peeing on your bed.

A New Home

Just like having a new animal in the house, a new home can also trigger instinct for the bengal cat to mark his or her territory. Moving in general is stressful for pets. Everything smells different and the cat may feel secure. Peeing over the bed is a way to lay claim to territory.

One solution to resolve or prevent this is to make the cat feel comfortable in the new space. If you move, bring all of the cat’s favorite things and everything that has their scent on it. From their favorite toys to cat beds, they’ll be comforted by having items that have a familiar scent and may be deterred from peeing on your bed.

Little Box Problems

Bengal cats are very particular where they choose to use the bathroom. Unlike other cats which may put up with a dirty litter box, the bengal will choose another spot if the box is dirty or there isn’t the desired amount. They may also not want to use the litter box if it’s in an area that’s noisy. It’s best to clean the little box every day and put in an area that is quiet such as a laundry room or a guest bedroom.

You’ll also want to check and see if the cat can easily access the box. Bengal cats are larger and may need a larger box to feel comfortable. This may not lead to them peeing only in your bed and they may have other areas as well.

When it comes to avoiding cat accidents in your bed, these are the three primary reasons. If none of them seem to fit your cat’s behaviors, then consider talking to your vet as there may be a medical concern.

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  1. Can someone help me to rehome my 5 year old Bengal?
    We have moved to a property that doesn’t fit out outdoor Bengal and are having issues with her. It is affecting my health and putting a strain on my relationship.
    Can someone please tell me what to do?


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