Why Is My Bengal Cat So Fat?

Almost everyone knows about Bengal cats – special and unique kind of cats that looks like some wild jungle animal. This unique species is not your regular cat – Bengal cats are mostly athletes with a muscular and strong body which further supports the wild jungle cat look. Bengal cats need regular exercise and a home that can provide a certain lifestyle this type of cat needs. These cats are not expected to become very slow, big, and fat, and yet somehow, this often happens. If you own a Bengal cat and you’re wondering why is it so big, search no more. Here are some reasons for your cat’s weight.

Why Is My Bengal Cat So Fat?

Bengal cats are usually very agile, graceful, and delicate. However, just like any other cat – they can get overweight.

Bengal cats are expected to be a bit heavier than the rest of the cats just because of their genes, but with the help of a bad diet and bad environment, they can get quite heavy.

Unfortunately, heavy and overweight Bengal cats are not happy cats. They need to spend all the energy they have and express themselves through their playful side. These are the cats that want and need to stay active, and if that need isn’t fulfilled. they are not going to be very satisfied.

The most common question is how Bengal cats get so overweight with that kind of energy? The answer is quite simple – cat parenting.

Bengal cats are not supposed to be overweight, but when they get in this condition, it’s mostly because of the cat parenting that wasn’t good enough for their cat’s needs.

Bengal cat needs a good and healthy diet and lots of interactive items to keep them active and developing. If you’re not providing these basic needs for this kind of animal – you’ll probably end up with an unhappy and overweight cat.

What Can I Do To Keep My Bengal Cat In Shape?

From the moment you bring your Bengal cat home, it’s crucial to develop some healthy habits – keeping them on a good, nutritional diet, with everything they could need. Your cat should have a determined time for meals and stay away from bad, unhealthy food.

However, food isn’t the only important thing that you need to think about if you want to keep your cat in good shape.

As previously mentioned, these are very active cats and you need to provide an environment in which they can live their lives to the fullest, the one that promotes an active lifestyle. Bengal cats won’t be pleased with some regular cat scratching posts, they’ll consider it quite boring and won’t use it very often which means that you’ll just toss your money away.

Bengal cats need something more interesting that will keep them both mentally and psychically fit and happy.

A multi-level cat tree with some enclosed areas and lots of climbing space is a great thing for a Bengal cat – it will keep it entertained and active. They love to hide and have some alone time, so enclosed areas will secure these needs.

Further on, make sure that your cat has lots of interesting toys around. Keep in mind how intelligent these cats are, which means that you’ll probably have to find some interactive toys that will keep them occupied.

Here are some toys you can purchase and provide for your Bengal cat:

* interactive feeders that will keep their mind occupied and develop their mental abilities
* different toys filled with catnip
* different balls with items inside which will make some noise
* some regular teaser wands.

Don’t forget to take some time in your day to create a bond with your cat, especially through play. You can always set an example and encourage your cat to be more active than it already is. It’s also recommended that you take your cat for walks as much as you can. This will require a bit of training to wear a leash, but it’s all worth it and rewarding in the end.

To conclude, Bengal cats are very interesting and intelligent animals that require some special attention in order to be mentally and physically healthy. If your cat’s overweight, think about changing its diet and include more activity in your life.

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