Why Is My Bengal Kitten So Hyper?

So you’ve made the decision to bring a Bengal kitten into your home – and now you’ve got a crazy, energetic ball of fluff running around the show?

By now you are probably well accustomed to your kitten jumping around, climbing curtains, attacking anything that moves … but somehow managing to look super cute throughout all of it!

You might be wondering ‘why is my Bengal kitten so hyper’. Well, in this short article we aim to show you why your Bengal kitten is so energetic, hyperactive and crazy.

We will cover the key reasons for your Bengal kitten’s hyperactivity, and what it means for you as the owner and how your interact with your Bengal.

It’s All Part Of Growing Up

One of the most important things to understand is that all this hyper behaviour demonstrated by your Bengal kitten is a key part of their process of growing up.

As kittens age and mature, they explore and play to learn how to become the natural predators they are.

Basically, this hyperactive behaviour (cute as it may seem) is actually your Bengal’s way of learning how to become an adult cat.

It is all about your kitten honing their innate predatory skills, so that they can survive and thrive in the wild.

So next time you see your Bengal kitten going crazy as kittens are wont to do, remember that this isn’t just their way of trying to look cute – he/she is actually trying to hone their skills and grow into an adult cat.

One tip we can offer here is to ensure your kitten has plenty of good toys to play with, as this will give them an outlet for their destructive capability.

Go here to check out our guide to the best toys for Bengal kittens and adult Bengal cats.

All That Sleep Means A Lot Of Energy

You’ve probably noticed by now that your kitten spends most of his or her day sleeping.

This – combined with the youthful nature of a kitten – means that when awake, it can be “play time”.

Cats are genetically wired through evolution to conserve their energy through sleeping lots, so that they can display incredible bursts of energy and activity (for hunting in the wild) when they are awake.

This is another part of the reason why your Bengal kitten is just so hyper.

Of course as your Bengal gets older they will still sleep lots, but simply wont be so energetic with their waking time. Therefore, as irritating as it can be on occasion, you should cherish the “hyper” time as it will stop as your cat gets older.

To conclude, if you’re sat there wondering ‘why is my Bengal kitten so hyperactive?’ (Possibly with torn soft furnishings in your hand) now you know that it is actually an integral part of your cat growing up.

All that play and fun and excitement is for a serious reason!

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