Will A Bengal Cat Get Along With My Dog?

At Authentic Bengal Cats, our mission is to answer your burning Bengal cat questions (that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? – we probably need to work on our wording!)

We are gradually working our way through a (growing) compendium of questions about Bengal cat ownership.

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not a Bengal cat will get along with a dog.

This is most commonly asked by people who already have a dog in their home, and want advice about the pros and cons of bringing a Bengal kitten in to join them.

In this short article we will cover whether or not a Bengal cat is likely to get along with a dog.

Bengal Cats & Dogs Can Get Along

Despite the famous saying ‘to get along like cats and dogs’ (i.e. to not get along at all) the truth is that a Bengal cat can and will often get along with a dog.

There is no hard and fast rule that says Bengal cats simply cannot live contently in the same house as a dog.

However, you must also prepare yourself for the possibility that your Bengal cat won’t get along with your dog (or vice versa). As per the comment above, the inverse also applies – there is no hard and fast rule that says a Bengal cat will get along with a dog so you need to be prepared for this eventuality as well.

Introduce Safely

One of the most important steps to ensuring your Bengal cat and your dog get along well is to do the “initial introductions” in a safe environment.

Lasting issues can be caused if your dog decides to come charging up to your cat off his/her leash, as dogs can be inclined to do (not out of anything other than sheer excitement and interest that dogs are famed for)!

Therefore, if you’re going to introduce your Bengal kitten to your dog, you need to do it in a safe, secure environment.

Keep your dog on a short leash, and then allow your cat to come up and explore on his/her own terms.

Be prepared to act if anything goes “south” between the two of them (but also be wary of the fact that there will naturally be some standoffishness during this process).

You may also want to consider keeping your Bengal on a leash too – check out our guide to the best leashes for Bengal cats.

Give Your Cat His/Her Own Territory

If you want to make sure that your Bengal cat gets along with your dog, then it is important to also ensure your Bengal has his/her own territory.

Cats are highly territorial, and for them to feel safe and relaxed it is critical that they have an area they can call their own.

The good news is this territory doesn’t need to be massive, so even if you’ve got a relatively small house or apartment it should still be possible for your Bengal to establish their own territory.

During this process it’s going to be important to keep your dog away from said territory, as not doing this is likely to stress your Bengal and make it more difficult for them to get along in the future.


Will a Bengal cat be able to get along with your dog? Of course, there is absolutely no reason why they would not be able to.

However, it’s important to take steps to improve the likelihood that your new Bengal kitten and your dog become friends (or at the very least learn to tolerate each other).

Key to this process is making an initial introduction in a safe environment and manner, and ensuring that your Bengal has his/her own territory before making an introduction.

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