Will My Bengal Cat Calm Down?

One of the most common questions we get on this site from owners of younger Bengals is “will my Bengal cat calm down?”

Rightly (or wrongly) Bengals have a reputation for having an energetic, active and sometimes rather fierce temperament. You can read more about the temperament of Bengal cats here – we have a few articles on this very topic on the site.

But if you’re sitting at home with a Bengal that won’t stop going crazy, you’re probably wondering if they will ever settle down and chill out.

In this article we are going to look at when (if ever) your Bengal cat will start to calm down, and what you can do to manage in the interim.

Do Bengal Cats Ever Calm Down?

It can seem at times like your Bengal will never ever “grow up”.

When our Bengal – Kala – was young she had only two modes of operation; fast asleep, or literally destroying the house.

Your Bengal may not be too dissimilar.

But don’t despair, your Bengal should eventually calm down.

Cats are generally the most hyperactive when they are kittens, and tend to settle down by around one year of age.

This settling period accelerates until they reach 3-4 years old, by which time they should be substantially less crazy than they were before.

If your cat is still “acting up” by this stage, then there are a few possible explanations.

Why Is My Bengal Cat STILL Crazy?

So your Bengal is a bit older but still acting like a crazy little kitten?

There are a few reasons why your Bengal may not have calmed down yet:

  • Your cat isn’t being given sufficient enrichment and opportunities for play. It’s no different to humans – if we have nothing to do, then we have no “positive outlet” for our energy and tend to be more likely to misbehave. Therefore, you need to make sure your Bengal has good toys of sufficient variety (this is super important if your cat is an indoors-only or apartment-dwelling cat) and plenty of variety in terms of ways to entertain him/herself.
  • You are confusing normal behavior for something undesirable. Cats – especially young ones – have a tendency to be playful and energetic creatures. If you haven’t owned a cat before, then you may simply be mistaking normal behavior for something undesirable.
  • There is any underlying health issue causing the hyperactivity. This is unlikely, but if you do suspect there is a chance of this, then it is worth talking to your vet and having your Bengal examined. Ensure you are feeding your Bengal a balanced, healthy and complete diet, as incorrect diets can have complex effects on cats.


To sum up, if you’re asking “will my Bengal calm down?”, the answer is that he/she should over time.

Depending on the age of your cat, you may have to wait quite some time for this to happen, but your cat should calm down in the end.

Remember to give your Bengal plenty of toys and opportunities for enrichment. This won’t necessarily reduce their energy and make them calm down but will give them a positive outlet for their activity. For example, if your Bengal has a good scratching post, then this reduces the risk of them scratching your furniture etc.

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